Graduated Licencing Program (GLP)


Under the GLP, it takes a minimum of three years to apply for Class 5 (regular) driver’s licence. Class 7 licenses require a driver to have an “L” (Learner’s decal) for one year and an “N” (New Driver’s Decal) for two years. Any driving prohibition will cause you to start that time over again.

Often people will go many years as a class 7 driver as they continue to receive short driving prohibitions prior to completing their two-year program. RoadSafetyBC is stricter and is quick to prohibit Class 7 drivers. It is important to know that even minor offences that have no penalty points or are not even related to driving can cause a driving prohibition as RoadSafetyBC considers these in determining your attitude and respect for the rules of the road.

It is important to fight tickets even minor ones such as not displaying an “L” or an “N” on the back of your vehicle. Also it is very important to contact us immediately and prior to paying your ticket, if you are close to being able to apply for a Class 5 driver’s licence.