Traffic Ticket Dispute

Traffic tickets can be challenged in court. Just like a criminal offence, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. If you do not dispute your ticket, after 30 days you will be deemed convicted and a conviction (finding of guilt) will be entered. This conviction will then be entered on your driving record were it remains forever.

The Traffic Ticket Office can significantly increase your chances of winning your traffic ticket dispute. In traffic court, the police act as the prosecutors and dealing with them yourself can be intimidating. Further, their investigation will continue while speaking with you at the courthouse. What you say to the police and the court could end up sealing your fate.

Having the Traffic Ticket Office represent you will protect you from essentially convicting yourself at court. Dealing with police officers is our job! We cross examine them regularly in court, and can negotiate good outcomes outside of court.

Call for a free consultation and find out how the Traffic Ticket Office can assist you.



The fine will be indicated on the front of your traffic ticket. In certain circumstances, the fine can be lowered. It is generally not worth hiring a lawyer just to ask for a reduction in the fine. Unfortunately, there are many other hidden costs to not fighting your traffic ticket.

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Penalty Point Premiums

Penalty Point Premiums are calculated every year.  You will have to pay a premium on an escalating scale for the number of points that you have over three. For example, four points will cost $175, 10 points $905 and 20 points $3760. This is in addition to any fines for the tickets. You will generally […]

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Insurance Premiums

Driver Risk Premiums (DRP) are calculated over three years. Therefore, if you receive a Driver Risk Premium, you will have to pay it at least three years in a row. You will receive a Driver Risk Premium for any Criminal Code driving conviction including Impaired Driving, Dangerous Driving or Leaving the Scene of an Accident. […]

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Tickets and Your Right to Drive

RoadSafetyBC (formerly the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles) will subjectively assess your driving history. An accumulation of too many Driver Penalty Points, or in certain instances, a single Traffic Ticket can cause them to send you a Notice of Driving Prohibition.  Often these driving prohibitions range from one month to one year. If you receive a […]

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Graduated Licencing Program (GLP)

Under the GLP, it takes a minimum of three years to apply for Class 5 (regular) driver’s licence. Class 7 licenses require a driver to have an “L” (Learner’s decal) for one year and an “N” (New Driver’s Decal) for two years. Any driving prohibition will cause you to start that time over again. Often […]

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Breach of Insurance

Certain offences can breach your insurance contract and leave you without coverage if you are in an accident. This means that ICBC will not cover you for any injuries or damage to property. Examples of these are Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Street Racing or any Criminal Code driving offence.

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