About Us

At the Traffic Ticket Office, we are lawyers with extensive experience in defending against Driving Offence charges and tickets. We have defended people for offences that range from Traffic Tickets to Impaired Driving Causing Death for more than 25 years. We realize that not just Criminal Offences, but Traffic Tickets also can have devastating consequences on people who need to drive.

The BC government considers Driving to be a privilege, not a right, however the reality is that for most people, driving is a requirement to function in society, work for a living and provide for their families.

When things look hopeless, let us assist and show you the light at the end of the tunnel. We are successful in the vast majority of cases we take on.

Do not analyze your case on your own. Just because you blow over .08 does not mean you are guilty. Just because the police say you are speeding or committing a traffic infraction does not mean you were guilty. You are innocent until proven guilty.

With Traffic Tickets the police have much discretion on whether or not to issue the ticket. Depending on your attitude and your history, the police may give you a break, or they may come down hard on you. Get the protection that you deserve. Do not accept your guilt. Make them prove it.

Unfortunately, the majority of people who contact our office have done nothing about their tickets for years, and have dug themselves into a very deep hole where any ticket may cause a Driving Prohibition. We see this affect people’s jobs and their ability to provide for their families on a regular basis.

If you have received a Criminal Charge or a Traffic Ticket, call us for a free telephone consultation. There is no charge so you have nothing to lose. Get the facts and ease your mind.